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With my art I want to transform spaces,

influence the atmosphere

and inspire people.


In my works, I express inner images, thoughts, feelings and moods in an abstract color-intensive way. 

I am inspired by the colors of nature and the sky, the vastness of the mountains and the seas, as well as the creator himself.


Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by colors, shapes and all creative experimentation. During my kindergarten years, I brought home stacks of paper drawings almost every day and was overjoyed when my mother regularly took me shopping at the artist's store and gave me free space to paint. However, it took many more years and different professional stations until I arrived at my passion and vocation.


I am a trained graphic designer, designer for visual marketing and graduate social worker / social pedagogue (FH). In graphics I love clear striking edges, saturated colors and puristic design according to the motto "less is more". In art, I discovered at the end of the 1990s during a two-semester art therapy study acrylic painting as the perfect medium for me, as it is very congenial to my joy of experimentation and abstract expression.


For more than 20 years I create my artwork with passion, commitment and inspiration. I love to work in layers and to use the palette knife and the painting knife to fill many layers of intense colours on top of each other. This means that in one painting there are often several works hidden behind what is visible, which gives the painting a deeper expression. In the mixed media works made of structural paste, colours, pigments, sand, paper, gold leaf, etc., my enthusiasm for experimental work is expressed.


Sunrises and sunsets fascinate me, the changing colours of the seasons inspire me, as do the mountains and the endless sea. I am also inspired by stylish design, interesting architecture, old castles and all kinds of museums. However, the deepest source and power of my inspiration is the Book of Books and my faith in the King of Kings.


In the gallery you will find a compilation of my paintings of the last two decades. If you would like to purchase a work or commission a painting, then I look forward to your message.

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